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The company says Skype’s makeover has been in the works for well over a year, and represents the biggest change to the platform since the introduction of video sharing back in 2006.In other words, it’s not necessarily a fast-follow cloning attempt built in response to the Snapchat threat, )and Facebook’s copying of Snapchat across its platforms), but rather something Skype has been working on for a longer period of time.In case you're using Skype for business purposes, remember that your username should be professional, precise, and easily recognizable.Your clients should not find it too cheesy or very casual.As most of us know, Skype is an application used to communicate with another person via the Internet.It has three important features - voice calling, video chat, and text messaging.So in addition to practicing, how else can job seekers prepare for an online interview? When an interview starts, take a moment to make sure you look fine on the screen, then focus on looking into the camera.""Make sure that [you're] the only living object in view.

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Consultant Kerrie Hopkins, who works with clients on 5 continents with her company Name Zook, advises not only practicing but also recording your efforts to review.

The impression will be that you are unreliable.""It can be easier to talk over people on a Skype call so wait for the interviewer to stop speaking before you answer. When you look directly at the camera, it appears to the interviewer that you are looking directly at them/making eye contact.""Sitting forward and leaning toward the camera so you become a talking head, just like on TV.

This also gives you a few seconds to think about what you want to say before you speak.""Do not sit too close to the camera. This is the best way for employers to read your facial expression, which can add a great deal of meaning to your words.""As in any on-camera scenarios, don't wear stripes or tight woven patterns such as hounds tooth because they'll come across like strobe lights to your interviewer.

"People have no idea how they are being received on another's computer screen," says Hopkins. Look Into The Camera "During Skype interviews, some people fixate on themselves on the computer screen.

That's not a great thing, since in a still shaky economy when companies that able to hire are increasingly turning to online interviews to save time and money, being able to interview comfortably on Skype is an essential skill to have. This gives the impression that the candidate is not making eye contact with the interviewer on the other end.

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