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(Susan Erasmus, Health24, updated June 2010)(Picture: teen boy using laptop from Shutterstock) SEE: The science of smartphone addiction This is why you have to pee so often in the morning 14 foods that cause gout Meet the man with two penises (NSFW photo) Can gene therapy be used to cure Aids?Kama Sutra positions - Rear entry Top 10 foods to lower cholesterol Speak up, dear student!I don’t want to end our friendship because of this. However any minor’s a parent can forbid the adult from having contact with their child.Without parental approval the relationship would be unlawful.Allowing yourself to be pressurised into a meeting. It is wisest not to do this at all, but if I cannot talk you out of it, take at least two friends with you.Meet in a public place and do not divulge your address.Avoid doing the following things and you should be OK. Keep in mind that the possibility exists that the sexy blonde 16-year-old babe you’ve been chatting to for two weeks could in fact be a 56-year-old man. Many paedophiles use the chat rooms as hunting grounds. But then, the chat room is not really going to solve that. Calls are expensive – if you spend only an hour a day on the phone every day, this could increase your parents' phone bill substantially. One could probably get away with this for a short time, but eventually you are going to forget what you said to whom.On the net it is dangerous to believe everything people tell you. There are many oddballs out there – do you really want them on your doorstep? Most parents would not jump for joy at this increase in their phonebill. If a specific person harasses you online, swears at you or constantly makes disgusting suggestions, you can have them barred – every chat room usually has an ‘overseer’ who is contactable. Puffball will react with shock when she finds out you are in fact a scholar and not the psychiatrist you pretended to be.

I'm an introvert, so I'll have plenty of time to listen to you ^u^.Engaging in illegal activity with you such as drugs, drinking, improper touching, Sexual talk, chat, text, email, looking at pornography or taking a trip out of state just are just a few of the infractions that would land him in jail.Also if this man is in a position of authority or responsible for your safety such as a teacher, coach, youth group leader, there would also be severe penalties for him abusing his position of authority.Tell at least two people where you are going and when you could be expected back.Preferably don't go at all - not unless you take at least two people with you. Call yourself Sex Bomb or Dreamstud and you are bound to attract the attention of sickos who cannot get their jollies in the normal social way – ask yourself why this is?

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