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It was out of the upheaval around the 1257 quake Nichiren’s Lotus Sect of Buddhism developed and, after its initial period of persecution, shaped Japanese culture and society.*人間の国Government bungling, bureaucratic ineptitude and shonky practice led the novelist Oda Makoto, after the Great Hanshin Earthquake, to ask “Is this a human country?” Ten years on, critic Uchihashi Katsuto echoed this question.In later weeks, I’ve been moved by friends’ accounts of makeshift toilet arrangements, dog anxieties, silt build-up.An anxious night on Friday, then, as the phone lines jammed and Skype gave out and not everyone was on Facebook or Twitter or email.

It is, certainly, why I’ve offered you these fragments of earthquake anecdotes, and feel the need to write something on earthquakes while, at the same time, realising there’s nothing of value I can add now.

Many more people died in the fires which followed the earthquake: It was not long before the place turned into a veritable sea of fire, and one of the most horrible and shocking events ever recorded in the annals of human tragedy followed; hell was indeed let loose on earth.. Rumours spread that Korean day-labourers and migrants had started the fires, and were poisoning water supplies.

Gangs of thugs carried out pogroms in Korean areas, beating and killing perhaps as many as several thousand.

Some of those stories now get re-processed into a new narrative and a ghastly sort of retrospection.*A week after Christchurch’s last earthquake this comment appeared on Koreans will behave disgustingly to get praise, which only lead to their bad reputation.

If accepted help from Korean, NZ will forever demanded to thank Korea.

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