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Comfort begins with stretch fabrics used in clothing for a variety of discipli nesand climates, with bright colors and patterns particularly visible in endurance riding and dressage warm-up wear.

Although traditionalists may decry their use, durable fabrics have become substitutes for leather in saddles, bridles, halters, and other equine wear.

The good news was that he found the concept eminently viable.

Along with himself praying to God that his partner pulled through, because he couldn't go through that again. Holding his partner in his hands as the life drained out…He shook that thought out of his head, not wanting to relive that day. Today, his partner was lying in front of him, breathing on his own, with a significant chance of pulling through this., he thought to himself.

He wasn't the only one keeping vigil, as his partner's family was scattered around the waiting room.

Even when urban encroachment is reducing the amount of recreation land, trail riding for pleasure is another activity that's experiencing a burst of interest and energy.

When it comes to new products, even such conservative bastions as the show ring and foxhunting field recognize that safety and comfort are the order of the day.

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