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What are the best resources for finding Minecraft skins?Some of the top-recommended sites for finding and downloading creative Minecraft Skins include Nova Skin, MCSkin Search, the Skin Dex, and Name MC.The site can be overwhelming at first, but no matter what type of Minecraft skin you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it here.Name MC didn’t originally start out as a skin repository.In Minecraft, you can play as an alien, a medieval knight or a futuristic soldier. In this case, using the default character skin for Steve (the other default skin is Alex).

With recent updates to the game, Minecraft has made it very easy to quickly change your skin to one of several featured/pre-selected skins in the game.The default , Steve, is decent enough, but very boring.If you play on a server, playing as ‘Steve’ screams ‘beginner’.You can also upload existing skins and superimpose them as if they were costumes.Pretty easily, you can change your skin and shake off that ‘beginner’ label.

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