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Likelihood of returning: 81.8% Flannery could easily continue to balance her multiple projects with a return to Dunder Mifflin.Current job: Baumgartner was recently in “Hand of God” and has guested on “Good Behavior,” “Life in Pieces” and “Chicago Fire.” Character status: Kevin was fired for cooking the books, but now owns a bar in Scranton.He’s written children’s books (“The Book with No Pictures”) and was seen in last year’s “The Founder.” Character status: Ryan is seen abandoning his child at Dwight and Angela’s wedding and running away with Kelly.Likelihood of returning: 36.1% It’s hard to see where Ryan would play in the new “Office,” but then again, his character was a chameleon throughout the series — so Ryan could return as a completely changed man (and his battle to win back custody of his kid could be good story fodder). Current job: Spader stars in NBC’s “The Blacklist,” now in its fifth season.Likelihood of returning: 89.3% What would be more “The Office” than re-hiring Kevin, who not only was dimwitted, but actually was committing a crime? Current job: The star of Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” Character status: Erin broke up with Andy and started dating Pete. Likelihood of returning: 2.1% Although it’s conceivable that Erin might still be working the receptionist desk at Dunder Mifflin, Kemper is busy, like Kaling, starring in her own show.Current job: Smith plays Betty Broderick-Allen in Netflix’s “The O. Louis with her husband, Bob, and works at a yarn store.He’s not exclusive to any show, so even a role in the pilot to kick things off might work.Current job: Novak helped pal Mindy Kaling on the early seasons of “The Mindy Project” and also co-created the app

It’s also an opportunity to have Dwight show up every once in a while.Character status: Dwight and Angela are married in the series finale at Schrute Farms, and he learns that he is indeed the father of Angela’s son.Likelihood of returning: 59.8% Could Wilson be sold on the idea that this could be his Kelsey Grammer/Bob Odenkirk moment?Perhaps Stanley gets bored with retirement and joins his old colleagues back up in Scranton.Current job: Nunez plays Father Doug on TBS’ “People of Earth,” which comes from “The Office’s” Greg Daniels.

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