Who is dice from lala dating dating tips long distance relationships

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Once the two actually started dating, it didn’t take Anthony long to propose. Priority one right now is finding a school for their son and a house for the family, she said.

But once they get settled, the photo-friendly young couple will be reacquainting themselves with all the local hot spots.

But I think for me, the main thing that I stand for as a person is being ‘honest’, and they have supported me in this decision.

I do alot of night events and I’m part of that social life and people of all colors come to my parties so I wanted to collaborate what I do with this app and I thought it would be cool [plus] its like having a party on your phone.

You can’t front, dating apps are fun, This app is really awesome and cool, and I came no board to help market the product.

“We do like to go out and have a good time,” she said.

Meanwhile, La La wants to break into acting — she’s already lining up auditions.

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