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Typically Saturdays are reserved for couples and single women only. All clubs we know require you to pay an annual membership fee, and then each time you visit you have to pay an entrance fee..

The schedules, pricing and code of conduct you can always find on the club’s web site.

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People seem to be intimidated by the idea of going to a lifestyle club because they think that it’s a place where they can be molested or forced to engage in something they don’t want.

The music in most clubs is too loud and fast for any kind of socializing.

Some rare clubs figured it out and became more popular when they started playing mostly soft music and allowed patrons get intimate on the dance floor.

Most clubs have play areas beyond the dance floor that may include several private rooms (with locking doors) and a few common rooms.

Some owners design their playrooms according to themes (Roman, Oriental, Western saloon or whatever other ideas they have).

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