Windows registry not updating

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Value : Auto-Update-Rollout-Priority possible data: "Fast” – updates will be accepted towards the beginning of the delivery period,“Medium” – updates will be accepted towards the middle of the delivery period,“Slow”– updates will be accepted towards the end of the delivery period.For Store Front Account configured settings Value: Enable possible data: ” True” (default) – perform auto updates, “False” – updates are only fetched when the user makes a check request from the Receiver menu Value : LTSROnly possible data: “True” – the updater will ignore any updates that are not marked as being LTSR valid “False” (default) - the updater will accept any updates.

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The delay groups are categorized as follows: Citrix Receiver Updates can be configured to deliver only updates marked for Long Term Support Releases (LTSR) or Current Releases (CR). The settings above can be configured during Citrix Receiver for Windows installation, or using the Group Policy Object administrative template, or the Store Front Account.

Alternatively also verify that the firewall settings are not blocking the connection to Citrix update server.

Common issue #3: Issue when downloading the update There is a network connection issue when checking for update or when you click the Download option.

Citrix Receiver Updates rollout period: Citrix Receiver Updates rollout do not happen to all users on same day or at the same time.

It depends on the delivery period and delay groups. So, users will get Receiver and related plug-ins updates any day between Day-01 and Day-30.

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