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His inspirational quotes and his story were taken to heart, and she turned her life around- becoming the fastest runner at her high school.After winning a major track award (I think only the Koreans have him winning at the olympics), he is involved in a car accident and injures his leg. FL1 then decides to cut her hair and forge her transcripts to say she is a male, and return to the country of her origin to attend his all-boys high school, majoring in track like him (in pretty much most Asian schools you choose a major in High School and most of your courses focus around that, we don’t have anything really equivalent in America).But while in the Korean drama he is just like a friend to ML1, in this version he is a fierce ally of FL1 and she often comes to him when she is having trouble. He’s gay and, while usually you can’t tell (it isn’t like he’s walking around in a dress), he will go WAY OVER THE TOP whenever he needs to distract someone or just wants them out of his office.I love how he is always vaguely perverse and loves to creep people out 🙂 It’s worth a lot of laughs!

Everyone’s performance is very down-to-earth and realistic, but his character tends to go over-the-top a lot.Also, what is his character’s obsession with chapstick??? I think the Taiwanese version is the only case in which the FL1 was anything but just generally bullied? There are two reasons the Taiwanese version is my absolute favorite for this show: Wu Chun (ML1) and Jiro Wang (HLTM) are buddies in real-life and (former? I don’t know most of the groups music, so it’s not just singer-fangirling, but it gives a whole new dimension to the relationship between ML1 and HLTM.Taiwanese Version: 5/5 Another primarily singer-led cast. You can tell they are friends and most likely have been for a long time, and that helps add dimension to the story that is just lacking with the Korean version, where ML1 (Min-Ho) just generally seems to hate everyone.They are surrounded by a quirky/fun group of friends who live in the dorms, and the dorm leader, who also does what they can to help out.The Korean version has a kind of female villain, I don’t remember one in the Taiwanese version or Japanese version, but they’re not important.

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